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The Wreef® brand artificial marijuana wreath

With cannabis culture rolling out around the world, every day is a celebration and a reason to hang a Wreef® brand wreath to show your esprit de corps.

Get ready for the Holidays, 420 friendly gatherings and advocacy events with our unique marijuana decorations. Our Wreefs products are legal to possess, ship, distribute, and travel with because they're not the real deal --and-- we always ship in nondescript boxes too. Hang Wreef® brand wreaths in and around the home, apartment, office, dorm room, as boho room decor, man cave decorations or anywhere else that could use a touch of the green stuff to subtlety engage your visitors into a conversation about the legalization and benefits of cannabis.

Legal marijuana is quickly becoming mainstream, and whether you're celebrating gains or pushing for further access, our wreaths are right in the wheelhouse of all cannabis culture participants. Like recognizes like, which is why we thought to design the first decorative artificial marijuana wreath of its kind to help cannabis lovers find each other in a crowd. Our wreath can act as a symbol to help reduce the stigma associated with marijuana.

Throughout the year, add on festive center hang tags to add some color to your wreath.

Join us and celebrate the legal cannabis movement.




Our wreath is designed to look a bit sparse and resembles recently harvested and drying cannabis. The construction uses wood beads, and synthetic leaves made of a durable woven polyester fabric. They stand up to indoor or outdoor use beautifully.



Hang the wreath from a nail, screw, ”monkey hook” or decorative ribbon by using the leather hanger strap. Give the wreath a little shake, fluff and primp. Press the wreath flat against the wall and then fluff up the leaves so they look fresh and full.



You don't have to put your wreaths away just because the season has changed or a holiday is coming up—dress them up for the occasion instead. Double sided complementary 5pk of festive hang tags give you 10 reasons to celebrate 420 all year round.

the magnificent plant

the source of help for so many

a wreath for all occasions™

the original Wreef® brand decorative artificial marijuana wreath!

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