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SALE! The 420 Friendly Wreef® Brand Artificial Marijuana Wreath

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The 420 Friendly Wreef® brand Artificial Marijuana Wreath—it's a wreath for all occasions. This is not the typical wreath that you buy and use during some celebrations and then put away until the next year.

420 culture has so much to celebrate every day—especially today. For this reason, the wreath for all occasions was born. We developed our wreath as a symbol to help reduce the stigma associated with marijuana use. Our artificial marijuana wreaths can and should be hung all year long as man cave decor, dorm room essentials or personal hookah lounge motif. Add our Festive Hang Tag Accessory Pack and it turns into a fun and creative way to celebrate all sorts of other "holidays," like 420, Earth Day, Valentines, Halloween, New Year, etc.

The Wreef® brand wreath is designed a bit sparse in build to retain the look of recently harvested and drying marijuana and is created using wood beads and artificial leaves made of a durable woven polyester fabric for indoor or outdoor use. The wreath is 12 inches in diameter with a unique leather hanger strap that allows adjustment & hanging from a nail, screw or "monkey hook." Removable Wreefs logo and ball chain included.

We think you'll agree that the Wreef® brand wreath is one that will be easily recognized by those in the know. It's a gag-gift with a serious side too. Do you have a friend or family member who has had success treating an ailment with cannabis? Get them a wreath.



NOTE: Due to packaging and shipping you may find that your wreath may seem a little squished upon arrival. No worries, just remove the wreath from the packaging and give it a little shake, fluff and primp.

NOTE: When you buy direct from us you will always be guaranteed discreet shipping.

HANGING INSTRUCTIONS:  Hang the wreath from a nail, screw or ”monkey hook” by slipping the leather hanger strap onto your choice of nail or screw and adjust as needed. Press the wreath flat against the wall and re-position the leaves for the desired look.

This is NOT a toy. DO NOT smoke, eat or ingest the contents.
Do not allow children or pets to play with the packaging or products.
Please re-use, recycle or dispose of packaging properly!

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