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Wreef is Changing the Cannabis Ecommerce Game

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Debra Carpenter
Contributor to the Huffington Post, Startup Grind & Business2Community.


I sat down this week to talk with Mike and Ann Marie Chadwell, cofounders of Wreefs. My first question (what in the world is it?) was answered simply, just as it appears on the homepage of the website:

Wreath + Reefer = Wreef

Chadwell tells me that these artificial marijuana wreaths are quickly becoming a recognized symbol for those who support cannabis legalization and part of the larger cannabis culture. And because these wreaths are 100 percent artificial, they are legal to sell online.

The cannabis industry is gaining a stronger foothold every day in ecommerce. You can’t say the same for marijuana and its derivatives yet, but in any case, Wreefs and its faux-weed wreaths are changing the cannabis ecommerce game. 

Before, there were 3 basic groups of cannabis and cannabis related items being sold, and only two of those could be sold online: paraphernalia (can be sold online), growth supplies (can be sold online), cannabis and its derivatives (cannot be sold online).... READ MORE

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