15 Marijuana Decor Ideas Under $30

Decorating your place in the spirit of the green stuff doesn’t have to look tacky. We scoured and scraped the web to find unique, statement-making marijuana decor pieces that are affordable enough to grab on a whim (read: $30 and under). We found some pretty amazing marijuana decor items that will help make your space a little more kind, whether it’s for long-term decoration or for a cannabis-inspired event. Some of these items feature or depict marijuana; some just have the right vibe. Check out 15 marijuana decor ideas under $30!

Wreef™ brand Wreath on metal siding
Sweet Leaf Key by Good Worth & Co. - $12.00
Marijuana leaf keychain
Custom vintage head shop poster by PosterLoco - $20.00
Headshop poster
Cannabis leaf hardcover journals by Richard Heyes | Redbubble - $20.00
Cannabis leaf hardcover journal
Mandala floor pillow by VDcraft - $24.99
Hippie floor pillow
Handmade wooden 4:20 clock by SheetWorks - $25.00
Wooden 420 clock
Small glass display case for pipes: 5"sq. x 2.25"h. - $29.00
Pipe display case
THC molocule print
Marijuana leaf garland
Marijuana stash jars
Beaded curtains by ShopWildThings - $23.99
Beaded curtains
The ol’ lava lamp - $24.99
Lava Lamp
Canvas Wall Art - Marijuana Leaf on Abstract Background - 16x24 inches - $29.99
Canvas wall art - marijuana leaf
Green Goodies Cannabis Calendar - $24.00
Cannabis calendar
Handmade wooden cannabis leaf painting - $10.00
Cannabis leaf painting

You don’t need a huge redecorating budget to make your space a little more cannabis-friendly. Marijuana decor is quickly growing as the plant gains legalization and acceptance. Displaying these items in your home or at your business can spark helpful conversations with others who are seeking to learn more about cannabis and its uses.

That’s precisely why we developed the original artificial marijuana wreath - we wanted to create a way to visually, easily show others that you’re “420-friendly” or a cannabis advocate. Are you in the process of decorating your space with marijuana decor? Send us your photos (info@wreefs.com) and we’ll feature your space!

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